Outrageously comfortable up-cycled cotton in a relaxed, casual fit. Perfect for everyday wear.

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  • LGBTQIA2S+ owned. Express yourself, no matter how you identify. Notice we don't have a men's or women's section? Our items are designed for a variety of body types so you can feel at home in your style.
  • Love for the planet. Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our shirts are made from 100% up-cycled fabrics and we've opted for sustainable labels and packaging, reducing waste at every step.
  • Fashion for all. Look good, do good, feel good. Ranging from sizes XS-3X with intelligently designed features (like book gap buttons!) we've got you covered.
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Hi! We're Kat and Ajay, two friends with one vision to design funky, unique and sustainable clothing to match your style.

Kat was tired of big box women's fashion for being too fitted in design and too often made from poor quality materials.

Ajay, used to the bright colours of his home in India, was tired of the muted colors of the menswear section and lack of detail in design.

We couldn't find what we were looking for so we've put our heads together to produce colorful, maximalist clothing that's planet-friendly and genderless in design.

Now you can shop by style, not gender.

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